Our work typically occurs in the earliest visioning stage of project execution, and often extends throughout the entire life of a project. We focus on concept planning for multimedia presentation methodologies, as well as network technology infrastructure. We inform the architectural programming and design development process, by precisely defining and balancing user expectations with administrative priorities and budgetary limitations.
Our facilities audit services provide:
* a detailed compilation, review and comment of all multimedia and network/computing technology infrastructures, within a building or for an entire campus
* a comparison of existing capabilities with best of breed implementations
* preliminary go-forward strategies for upgrading infrastructure and equipment
* data to support accreditation requirements

Our faculty survey services include:
tailored, web-based surveys that collect detailed information about faculty use of and opinions about multimedia technologies, support capabilities, etc.
* statistical information about current use and future needs for technology in learning facilities
* comprehensive data that will facilitate administrative decision making for investing in new facilities and/or equipment, based on quantifiable data rather than conventional wisdom or gut feel.

Our master planning services include:
developing design standards for future learning facilities
* alternative scenario analysis for short, medium and long-term campus-wide strategies for educational technology deployment, identifying infrastructure and equipment upgrades required
* development of cost models for technology implementations

Our project specific concept design services include:
developing educational technology project concept design, based on project team user interviews and surveys
* identifying specific, detailed edtech requirements for each classroom, meeting room and multipurpose/special purpose facility in the program
* detailed short, medium and long term technology implementation scenarios and budgets
* serving as educational facilities technology architect, and edtech advocate on project team
* coordination with academic faculty, administration and other project team design consultants

Our post occupancy evaluation services include:
3-6 months post move-in facilities review
* tailored, web-based surveys that collect detailed information about faculty post occupancy experience with educational facilities technology
* interviews as necessary to follow up on survey information
* preparation of summary report of findings and recommendations, including pre and post occupancy data comparisons